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Threadaid, pioneer in Spline Rolling in India, is into manufacturing CNC Rack-Rolling Machines, CNC and Hydraulic Spline and Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites and Spline Rolling Dies and Rack Rolling Racks

First to design and manufacture CNC Rack Rolling Machine, with servo motors for rack movement and job positioning, in  India

  • Advantages of Quick-Roll-25:

    Now Drive shaft of Maruti Suzuki and Honda Motors, India are rolled on our CNC Rack Rolling Machine.

  • High Prodcution | High Accuracy
  • Superb Surface Finish | Increased Strength
  • Power Saving | Low Noise

Circular Spline Rolling Machines

To roll components from starter motor spindle to heavy duty trucks and tractor axles

    Special Features on our machines:

    All our machines are standard and in-built with below features without any additional cost.

    • AC Variable Speed Drive controls the Roll Shaft to any required RPM to roll a particular component. 
    • PLC for reliable automatic cycle.
    • Central Lubrication System for all moving parts.
    • Bosch Elements for hydraulic power pack - one of the most expensive and reliable hydraulic products available.. 
    • High precision imported Linear Guides are used for job movement in the case of spline rolling machines for higher accuracy and easier replacement later. 
    • Backlash Eliminator
    • Hydraulic and coolant tanks are epoxy coated for longer life of hydraulic and coolant oils.
    • Operator Panel with multi colour touch screen controls and user friendly HMI of most modern design can be supplied at nominal additional charge on customer's request. 

    Our Strengths:


    We at Threadaid design and manufacture Hydraulic & CNC Thread & Spline Rolling Machines, CNC Rack Rolling Machines, Spline Rolls in-house. 

    Special Rolls

    We design and manufacture manufacture spline rolling dies of 0.5 to 3.5module and special spline rolling dies for skipped tooth and dies forincremental rolling.  Splinetech alsomanufactures oil grove rolls and special spiral grove inside the stainless tuberequired for heat exchangers for an American firm.


    Spl. Treatment

    We have manufactured our own sub zero treatment chambers and liquid nitrogen is used for reaching lower temperature.  We have our own stress relieving furnace used for stress relieving our Spline Rolling Dies after every form grinding.


    Dixi Jig Mill

    All critical components and parts are machined and bored on high precision Swiss made Dixi Jig Mill Machine. 


    We can supply CNC Thread Grinding machines with thread roll grinding knowhow.  

    Built Multi-Axes CNC Machine 

    We have designed and manufactured multi axes high precision CNC Thread Grinding Machine with servo motors, linear guides and ball screws to grind special thread form with very high lead and multiple starts.  


    We build machines for our own use

    Wehave designed and manufactured machines in house for our own use.

    • Band saw Machine to cut Ø 200 die steel withtaper less than 0.5 mm.
    • Master Grinding Machine with high accuracy to grind masters for crushing gear and thread grinding wheels.
    • Optical Comparator with universal measuring system of 20 & 50 magnification.
    • Sub zero treatment furnace with liquid nitrogen.
    • Stress Relieving Furnace.
    • CNC Rack Dies Grinding Machine.
    • Vertical Band saw Machine.
    • Internal Grinding Machine
    • Drill Point Grinder.

    Key Notes


    First to introduce Force Feeding principle for Spline Rolling in India and designed machines for other manufacturers with this principle.


    First to design and manufacture Force Feeding Attachment to convert Thread Rolling Machines into Spline Rolling Machines to roll serrations and splines.


    First and only firm to conduct seminars on Spline Rolling. Conducted seminars at Telco Pune, Lucas-TVS Chennai, Axles India, Rane NSK, Visteon, Autotech, etc., to name a few.

    The Hand of Jesus has done this