This machine is designed to produce Splines, Serrations, Oil Grooves, Threads and special forms. On this Spline-Rolling Machine with Rack Rolling Dies, we can roll up to three Splines in a single cycle or combination of Serrations/Splines/Threads in a single cycle. This machine is ideally suitable for starter motor shaft to roll one helical and two serrations in a single cycle. Some of the many advantages of this machine over other Spline/Thread Rolling Machines, are:

First Time in India

CNC Rack - Rolling Machine

is designed & manufactured by us at Threadaid, Hyderabad

  • Increased Strength
  • Power Saving
  • Low Noise

Mfg: CNC Rack-Rolling Machines, CNC/Hydraulic Spline/Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 50 tons, Spline/Serration/Rack Rolling Dies

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Won an award

for Innovation/Technology

at ACMEE 2008, International Machine Tool Exhibition, Chennai

(Our C.E.O. Mr.Subbas Desappa receiving the award )


CNC Spline Rolling Machine

with Incremental Spline Rolling Dies

is exclusively developed for rolling Splines up to 0.75 module and up to 18mm job dia. One component is produced in just one rotation of the Incremental Rolls. This is an ideal machine for rolling worms for wiper motor, power window, steering components, etc. >>> more

  • High Production
  • High accuracy
  • Superb Surface Finish

CNC Rack-Rolling Machine

Model: 'QuickRoll-25'