Cnc Rack Rolling Machine

We are India's leading CNC Rack Rolling Machine manufacturers. This is a vertical rack rolling machine designed to produce Spline, Serrations, Oil grooves, Threads and special forms, using special racks as a tool for rolling most accurate splines and threads In a single cycle, we can roll, splines as well as threads simultaneously or two different splines one with helical and one with straight serrations. We can roll axle shafts for modern front wheel drive passenger cars having splines on both ends, in a single cycle.

One of our machines was tooled up to roll standard kick shaft of a popular motor bike having 1 module, (0.5) module and (0.43) module splines to roll all the three splines in a single cycle. For this set up threadaid was awarded “an innovative award” at Acme, Chennai in the year (2008) and we are the pioneers in this field. Now this tool layout is used by other manufacturers.

This machine also can be used for rolling CV Joints and various splines on the transmission shaft for modern automobile gear boxes. We can also roll skipped tooth simultaneously on both ends for orientation purpose.

Our indirect customers are Maruthi Suzuki India and Honda Motors India.

Some of the many advantages of this rack rolling machine over other Spline Rolling Machines are:

  • High Production
  • Power Saving
  • Superb Surface Finish
  • Low Noise
  • Increased Strength
  • High Accuracy

Some of the advantages of vertical CNC Rack Rolling Machine:

  • There is no hydraulics in this machine and all movements are controlled by servo motors and drives
  • All movements are through high precision heavy duty linear guides and higher capacity ball screws
  • Single servo motor drives both slides
  • Wider and longer sliding table to roll splines on the both ends up to 450 mm long
  • This machine is capable of rolling splines on both ends with relation to each other when the number of teeth is same
  • Smaller floor area is required compared to horizontal machines
  • This machine is built with machine grade castings
  • All the machines are supplied with tooling, ready to start production
Threadaid CNC Rack Rolling Machine
Maximum Roll diameter 30 mm, depends on form depth
Maximum module can be rolled 1.30 module x 40 mm width
Maximum Rack length 624 mm. 800 mm also possible
Rack holding table size 1000 mm x 520 mm or 1000 mm x 308 mm
Rack holder width 80 mm (multiple/wider width possible)
Daylight Die Distance 139.7 mm (2 x 69.85)
Maximum Rack Stroke 900 mm
Rack Movements High precision ball screws
Rack slide movement Imported heavy duty linear guides
Rack speed – movement Infinitely variable by Servo motors
Job positioning for rolling CNC with ball screws
Lubrication Centralized lubrication with PLC controls
Floor Area 1.85 x 1.85 meters approx.
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 4.5 tons approx.
Hydraulic NIL
Controls CNC with touch control
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