Thread Rolling Machine in India

24 ton Thread Rolling Machine

Thread Rolling Machine Price in India

This machine is developed for rolling ‘poly V’ pulleys required for modern passenger cars as per design of Lucas TVS.

Specializedin Two Roll thread rolling machine.

Components with threads up to 5 mm pitch can be rolled on this machine.

Specifications of our 24 ton Hydraulic thread Rolling Machine
Maximum Roll diameter 200 mm
Bore size 69.85 mm
Max. Roll width 125 mm standard. Up to 190 mm as per customer request at no extra cost while ordering the machine.
Max. Diameter of the job 50 mm
Max. Pitch 4 mm
Max. spline 1.5 mod. (higher with helix)
Min. Job diameter 6 mm
Max. thread length 125 mm std., and 165 with wider roll of 180.
Roll Shaft RPM Infinitely variable 0-50 RPM std.
Gearbox Hardened and ground helical gears(no worm & worm gears)
Lubrication Centralized lubrication with PLC controls
Electrical Control PLC with 24 Volts DC
Slide movement Both roll shafts move towards center on Imported Linear Guides, hence the job is centrally placed always.
Depth/Size control With positive arrangement
Rolling cycle Spline Rolling –Force Feeding System of rolling, Plunge Rolling Cycle.
Connected load (approx.) 12 HP approx
Floor space 1.75 x 1.75 meters.
Weight of the machine 3 tons approx.
Construction Machine grade cast iron body mounted on stress relieved welded body, single piece construction, epoxy coated hydraulic and coolant tank inside the machine.
Electricity The total consumption of electricity will be less on our machine, because of higher efficient gearbox and Variable Speed Drive, for which lower HP motors are used. This will pay back your investment in a short period.
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